How Cutting the Gym Helped Me Lose Weight

I’ve never been in love. I know that’s a weird way to start but stay with me, I promise it’ll make sense. I’ve never been in love but I have been extremely infatuated numerous times. However, the infatuation usually fades away after two weeks, just like that with my gym membership.

Getting in shape is incredibly hard. Not necessarily because it’s physically exhausting but it requires a ton of motivation. Two summers ago I decided I would get a personal trainer. I lost about 10 pounds and managed to go to the gym for about 2 months straight. Having someone waiting for me at the gym motivated me to get up and out of my apartment and into the gym with 15 minutes to spare. That worked out great! My bank account, however, was not feeling as great as I was. Personal training is expensive and an additional cost to the gym membership. I was spending up to $150 a month. Not so great.

So when classes started I quit the personal training and maintained the gym membership. I promised myself I would train as hard as before. After all, I had developed a daily routine and was familiar with the equipment and exercises. Piece of cake, right? Well… as easy as baking a gluten, dairy, sugar and carb free delicious piece of cake.

Actually, I was surprised that lasted for an entire month. And then came the famous Hell Week so I quit for that week. Then that week became 2 weeks, then 3, then 4 and before I knew it a semester had passed.

I gained all the weight back during Christmas break because… duh! Plus Puerto Ricans have one of the longest holiday seasons with a ton of arroz con gandules and a ton of lechón so like I said… duh!

That second semester was the same. I would pay for the gym, waste gas because the gym was 15 minutes away and become unmotivated when I didn’t lose weight. I developed a negative relationship with the gym and this year was all about removing negativity so I quit the gym.

I saved that money and started buying at home workouts. I would get up in the morning workout real fast, get it out of the way and have time to do anything I needed to during the rest of the day. I didn’t have to think about what to wear, driving there or get self-conscious when exercising. Heck most of the time I worked out in my pajamas and running shoes.

The best part? I’ve actually lost 25 pounds this year! So far I’ve done Zumba at home DVD workouts, Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and have recently started the Body Boss Method.

If you’re in the same position I was two years ago, I leave you with this piece of advice: make working out a habit, not an obligation.

Disclaimer: None of these products mentioned are affiliate links. I’ve simply added the links to make your life easier. I am not getting any sort of compensation for the mentions. All opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “How Cutting the Gym Helped Me Lose Weight

  1. Ashleigh Jane says:

    I hear ya! I fell out of love with the gym a long time ago but yet I kept paying for it- why?!

    I quit, joined a bootcamp and started working out at home- my motivation is back and bigger than ever! congrats on the weight loss, keep it up x


    • Southern Belle in the West says:

      I know.. such a waste of money! There are better alternatives to gyms and they are way more fun. Thanks, wishing you the best in your fitness journey!


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