5 Easy Ways Students Can Save Money

As a broke college student, saving money is a priority for me. This doesn’t come too naturally because I come from a household that never really cared about financial health. Here are some easy ways you can start saving money!

Amazon Prime Student

As a student, Amazon is my go-to stop for textbooks, materials and any miscellaneous items I am needing. However, I was wasting a ton on money paying for shipping. How does getting a subscription help? Well, students get 6 months free and then 50% off a yearly subscription. That means $49 a year gets me free 2 day shipping on selected items as well as, Prime Video and Prime Music, among other benefits. That means I can also cut my Hulu, Netflix, Spotify and Pandora subscriptions for an entire year. Trust me, the savings add up!

If you’re interested in signing up or getting a free 6 month trial, check this link out: http://a.co/cj3AqY1.

Cut your cable bill

Most students don’t have a problem with this because most of them watch their favorite shows online. Still, if you are paying for cable and find you don’t really use it. I say cut it! I did this and saved over $60 a month ($720 a year). Now, if your thinking you can’t live without TV, get yourself a cheap antenna to watch the local channels. Whatever you miss, you can watch online.

Have a full fridge and pantry

Though this one seems simple, it’s often overlooked. When you have food in your house, you won’t be tempted to eat out as often. If you’re lazy like me, try meal prepping! It makes life so much easier.

Walmart Savings Catcher

I love couponing but I don’t always have time to go through newspapers or websites cutting them up and placing them in a neat binder, like they do in Extreme Couponing. If you do most of your grocery shopping in Walmart, like I do, get their app and sign up for  Savings Catcher! It basically looks at all the products you bought and compares their prices with other grocery stores near by. If that item is cheaper elsewhere, they give you back the difference in a gift card.

Student discounts, buying used or off clearance racks

No need to explain! Why buy things full price when you can get them for cheaper? A lot of stores and streaming services give out discounts when you show your student ID or give them your school email address. Where I live, they even give students discounts on energy, water and internet bills. All you have to do is ask!

Do you have any tips on how to save money? Leave them in the comment section below!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these companies.  The link provided is simply a “referral link” any member can get and provide their friends. If you do not wish to use the link you are welcomed to find another way to the page. All opinions provided on this post are my own.

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