My Experience Hosting a Twitter Chat

Let me tell you when I started blogging I had no idea that it involved promoting your content on every single form of social media. Of course, being a full-time student I only chose Twitter, Instagram and maintained my Pinterest account.

Twitter was and still is my preferred method of sharing and connecting with bloggers so when I saw the opportunity to host a Twitter chat I jumped right at it!

I made sure to be ready with all my questions and was told I would have to wait around 5 minutes between each tweet. At 6pm, I logged into my account and started tweeting. I was super excited at first but let me tell you the excitement faded soon. Of course, being a newbie blogger it was obvious that I wouldn’t get as big of an interaction but still it got to me.

I must say that I am grateful to those who did show up and support me! I am by no means complaining about the experience, just simply sharing my thoughts.

Of course from every experience there is a lesson to learn, here are a few things I would have done differently and will implement in any other chat if I get the opportunity:

  1. Schedule all the questions through Buffer to make sure that everything flows more smoothly.
  2. Focus more on promoting the chat during the week.
  3. I also learned that I am way to hard on myself and while it didn’t affect the outcome of the chat, it’s still something I have to improve.

Like I said, I’m not complaining in any way but simply reflecting over my experience. I hope other bloggers who are hosting for the first time a twitter chat find this helpful. If the opportunity is presented don’t dwell over it, do it! It’s a blast!

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