How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria?

As many of you have noticed this hurricane season has been harsh. From Harvey to Irma to Maria and many more. These last few months have been extremely tough.

I’d first like to say that I wish everyone affected by these natural disasters health and blessings. If you ever need to talk or any sort of help you may contact me through the site or my social media pages. I’d also wish to thank everyone who has helped in any way, shape or form from our fellow Americans in the mainland, people from all over the world, even the schools and universities willing to take students in just so our education would not suffer.

You see at first I thought that the hurricane would be the worst part but after being personally affected by Hurricane Maria I’ve learned that the hardest part is not surviving a catastrophe but living after it and trying to pick up the pieces.

Maria came and went. She chewed up my home, Puerto Rico, and spit it out leaving us in tiny fragments. NO WATER, NO ELECTRICITY AND NO COMMUNICATIONS.

We were in the dark and still continue to be with only about a tenth of the population with electricity. My house was left relatively untouched but it still effected me greatly knowing that my neighbors, friends, even strangers had lost everything.

For my family, the official help came after two weeks after the incident. Bottled water and pears from the Red Cross. A blonde women, the only act of kindness I’d seen from strangers in a long time.

I won’t get political because everyone has their opinions over how the situation is being handled. However, to say that we want it all done is completely insulting. You see, during those first 2 weeks the only people who picked up the pieces (and I mean literal pieces of structures, trees and ruble) were the community. No one went to sleep without eating because we all made sure of it. If we had a barbecue and the neighbors had rice and beans we would cook for the whole block.

No cell signal, internet or news had us actually talking with each other. Catching up on years worth of events we’d forgotten to share because we were all caught up in our own little bubbles.

If you can take anything from this post is: be grateful for the people you have and not just your material possessions. Lend a hand to those in need when you can not for the cameras or good karma but because it’s the decent thing to do. I’d never thought I’d face something like this and I am incredible grateful for the support I  have received.


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